• About us

    About us

    Cuatrogatos Fundación is a non-profit organization founded by Miami based authors Sergio Andricaín and Antonio Orlando Rodríguez.It has as its main goal the promotion of culture and education, with an emphasis on children and young adults.

    Cuatrogatos Foundation conceives and implements projects that, through literature, art and the different means for the acquisition of knowledge, develop the creative, critical and civic capacities of the Spanish-speaking community of Miami.


    Cuatrogatos Foundation is a Miami based non-profit organization that works on:

    • Promoting the publishing, the knowledge and the reading of quality books, in Spanish, so as to develop an aesthetic appreciation and strengthen the creative and analytical skills in children and young adults.
    • Developing projects at the local, national and international levels that contribute, through education, to the promotion of reading and literature, and to the appreciation of the different manifestations of art, and thus contribute in a positive way to citizens' values; to the coexistence, knowledge, and the respect for the differences in other cultures.
    • Contributing to individual and social improvement through the development of educational, artistic and cultural activities.
    • Creating communication bridges, through art and education, between different sections in our community.
    • Preserving, sharing and disseminating the Hispanic American cultural heritage in the United States.


    Cuatrogatos works on the bringing together of the Spanish-speaking community in Miami and in other cities of the United States (with an emphasis on children and young adults) through reading, the arts, and formal and informal educational spaces which are powerful tools for the improvement of individuals and their society.

  • What do we do?

    What do we do?

    Cuatrogatos Foundation, founded in Miami, United States, develops projects in favor of culture, arts, education and civic values, with emphasis on promoting reading and the study and dissemination of good quality books for children and young adults of the Spanish-speaking community.

    Our main lines of work are:

    • To conceive and carry out actions and those actions contribute to the broadening of the cultural and educational level of the population in Miami, and it also contributes to the development and the social well-being of the community.     
    • To research, review and disseminate the editorial production in Spanish, especially for children and young readers.     
    • To provide information on literary, cultural and educational issues to parents, teachers, librarians, students and others, through our digital platform Cuatrogatos.org and other means.     
    • To conduct workshops, seminars, courses, conferences, exhibitions and cultural and educational events for children, young adults and adults.     
    • To generate spaces for professional training and exchange, at local, national and international levels.     
    • To publish books and informational materials that contribute to the Foundation's goals.     
    • To create or support literature, theater, music, visual arts projects and other artistic manifestations that correspond to its mission.     
    • To develop research on literary, cultural, and social issues.     
    • To carry out, at local, national and international levels, advisement and consultancy task in literature, the promotion of reading, arts, education and other subjects.     
    • To donate quality reading material to libraries and schools, as well as non-profit organizations working with children and youth in Miami and other cities in the United States, as well as in poor communities in other countries.     
    • To collaborate with other national and international institutions on projects that contribute to the achievement of our objectives.
  • History


    In 1999, the Cuban writers Sergio Andricaí­n and Antonio Orlando Rodriguez settled in Miami, United States. In order to continue their long work in favor of children's literature and the promotion of reading developed in Cuba, Costa Rica and Colombia, they created the Cuatrogatos free consultation website to provide up-to-date information on children's and youth books in Spanish and promotion Of reading to parents, teachers, librarians, university students, authors, editors and other people of the Spanish-speaking community interested in positively influencing the reading habits of the new generations.
    • 2016
      • On December 20, 2016, the Cuatrogatos Foundation organized a storybook morning for third graders at Lorah Park Public School. The enrollment of this bilingual English-Spanish school is 85% of African American students, mostly from low-income households. These students learn, with great enthusiasm, our language, so we consider it an important commitment to contribute, with cultural encounters of this type, to support the valuable educational and social work carried out by teachers and educators of Lorah Pak.
      • On Saturday, November 19, the Cuatrogatos Foundation and the Miami Book Fair presented the III Seminar on Children's Literature and Reading. In this edition the main theme of the meeting was A World of Readers, Readers for the World and the panels and talks program was attended by distinguished writers and editors of Ibero-America: Luis Marí­a Pescetti, from Argentina; Alejandro Palomas, Miren Agur Meabe and Paloma Jover, from Spain; Marí­a Baranda, from Mexico; Afonso Cruz, from Portugal; Jorge Galán, of El Salvador; Fanuel Hanán Dí­az, from Venezuela, and Cristina Rebull from Cuba-United States.
      • For the fourth consecutive year, we held our great Reading Festival / The Reading Festival, with the purpose of promoting literature and reading in Spanish in the community of Miami, with special emphasis on children and young people, but without forgetting the public adult. From the 10th to the 15th of October we developed an extensive program of activities in schools and cultural institutions of the city that were aimed at the Hispanic public and all those people of the city who speak and study Spanish as a second language. Reading Festival 2016 was supported by the Department of Cultural Affairs of Miami-Dade County, Santillana USA, Cultural Institute of Mexico, Spanish Cultural Center, Miami Book Fair, Koubek Center, Artefactus Cultural Project, Bilingual Education Department And Foreign Languages ‹ ‹of the Miami-Dade Public Schools, 3Mindware, Jordan-Marcos The Agency, Imago Art in Action, Aeromexico, and other institutions. The poster illustration was created by the Mexican artist Israel Barrón and we had as special guests the authors Georgina Lázaro of Puerto Rico and Martha Riva Palacio Obón of Mexico. You can find a detailed account of what this event was by consulting your schedule. And a slideshow with images of the different activities, here.
      • From September 28 to 30, the Cuatrogatos Foundation was invited to participate in the International Congress on Child and Youth Literature and Censorship in the 20th Century, organized by the Center for Studies on the Promotion of Reading and Children's Literature (CEPLI) of the University of Castilla-La Mancha, held in the city of Cuenca, Spain. A part of the academic program of the meeting, Sergio Andricaí­n and Antonio Orlando Rodrí­guez, representing Cuatrogatos, presented the results of their research "Censorship of authors and children's and youth literature in Cuba (1960-1985)."
      • In July 2016 our foundation developed for the second consecutive year of the bookcrossing I am a traveling book. During that month we "abandoned" around different areas of Miami around 500 books for adults, young people and children of different genres and themes. Cuatrogatos would like to thank the companies that gave their valuable support to this event Lectorum Publications, Spanish Publishers, Penguin Random House and Eriginal Books. You can see a slideshow by clicking here.
      • In June of 2016, the Cuatrogatos Foundation collaborated with the Department of Bilingual Education and Foreign Languages ‹ ‹of the Miami-Dade County Public Schools in the creation of the creative writing laboratory in Spanish On the roads of the eñe, in which a hundred Of teachers, who attended talks and workshops.
      • On April 23, our Cuatrogatos Foundation joined the Cervantes Day in Miami, organized by the Spanish Cultural Center of Miami, to celebrate the day of the Spanish language and the 400th anniversary of the author of El Quijote.
      • The Cuatrogatos Foundation supported the Miami-Dade County Public School System in conducting the student poetry and narrative contest. I like Spanish, in which many children and young people participated. Our organization was part of the jury of the contest and, in addition , Donated books that were given to the winning students on April 23, Spanish language day.
      • For the Cuatrogatos Foundation, it was a great pleasure to collaborate with Artefactus Cultural Project in its MiniTheater / MiniTeatro project, a creative expression laboratory for children in Miami, which took place in two seasons (April-May and July-August). The support of the Knight Foundation.
      • On April 2, 2016, the Cuatrogatos Foundation joined Miami International Children's Book Day celebrating the presentation of the work Mi nueva familia by Iliana Prieto, a Cuban author based in our city. The book, published in Bogotá by Panamericana Editorial, features illustrations by the Colombian artist Rocí­o Parra. In addition to the writer, singer Marisela Verena, actress Cristina Rebull and a group of acting students from Teatro Prometo, who read stories from My new family. This event for the whole family was supported by Miami Book Fair, Teatro Prometeo and Koubek Center.
      • On Saturday, March 12, 2016 we present in Miami the book Dragones en el cielo, published by Ediciones El Naranjo. In this event participated the author Sergio Andricaí­n, the illustrator Israel Barrón and the publishing house Ana Laura Delgado. As a special guest, the actress Cristina Rebull told the story to the children. There was also a "Dragons Workshop" and surprises for children. The activity was organized by the Cuatrogatos Foundation in collaboration with Miami Book Fair, Koubek Center, Ediciones El Naranjo and the Institute of Culture of Mexico in Miami. You can see a slideshow with images of this event here.
      • From February 19 to 21, 2016, we developed the "Palabra Viva Weekend" in Miami, conceived as a celebration of Spanish literature, with the participation of a large number of children, young people and adults in the city. In this project we had the valuable collaboration of Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs, Miami Book Fair, Koubek Center, Artefactus Cultural Project, Zunzun Art & Education and other institutions. To see a slideshow of the activities of this event, which sought, through various activities, encourage the creation and enjoyment of Hispanic authors literature, click here.
      • On January 28th, we announced the 20 books for children and young winners of the Cuatrogatos Foundation Award 2016. In this edition, the graphic image of the prize was created by the Chilean artist July Macuada. The digital brochure - which includes reviews of award-winning works, plus the list of finalists and 80 recommended books - was designed by 3MINDWARE and can be downloaded here. You can also watch the video with the winning books here.
    • 2015
      ¢ Alma magazine, one of the most prominent Hispanic publications in the United States, selected writer Antonio Orlando Rodrí­guez, co-founder and chairman of the Cuatrogatos Foundation's board, as part of a select group of ten outstanding Latino educators, entrepreneurs and cultural promoters Which are "building the future of a new Miami."
      ¢ As a result of the collaboration between the CEPLI of the Castilla-La Mancha University and the Cuatrogatos Foundation, the book Dos Orillas y un Oceano (25) was published by 25 Ibero-American authors of poetry for children.
      ¢ With the central theme Books: spaces of freedom, on November 19 and 20, 2015, we held the 2nd Seminar on Children's Literature and Reading, in collaboration with the Miami International Book Fair. Participating were Perla Suez (Argentina), Cristina Rebull, Daisy Valls, Annie Plasencia and Sergio Andricaí­n (Cuba-United States), Mariasun Landa, Gustavo Martí­n Garzo, Juan Kruz Igerabide and Pedro C. Cerrillo (Spain), Ramón Iván Suárez Caamal ) And Fanuel Hanán Dí­az (Venezuela).
    • 2014
      ¢ Alma magazine, one of the most prominent Hispanic publications in the United States, selected writer Antonio Orlando Rodrí­guez, co-founder and chairman of the Cuatrogatos Foundation's board, as part of a select group of ten outstanding Latino educators, entrepreneurs and cultural promoters Which are "building the future of a new Miami."
      ¢ As a result of the collaboration between the CEPLI of the Castilla-La Mancha University and the Cuatrogatos Foundation, the book Dos Orillas y un Oceano (25) was published by 25 Ibero-American authors of poetry for children.
      ¢ With the central theme Books: spaces of freedom, on November 19 and 20, 2015, we held the 2nd Seminar on Children's Literature and Reading, in collaboration with the Miami International Book Fair. Participating were Perla Suez (Argentina), Cristina Rebull, Daisy Valls, Annie Plasencia and Sergio Andricaí­n (Cuba-United States), Mariasun Landa, Gustavo Martí­n Garzo, Juan Kruz Igerabide and Pedro C. Cerrillo (Spain), Ramón Iván Suárez Caamal ) And Fanuel Hanán Dí­az (Venezuela).
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  • Staff


    Our board of directors and consultants is a group of outstanding professionals in the fields of literature, arts, education and others.

    Sergio Andricaí­n

    Sergio Andricaí­n


    Writer, literary researcher and publisher. Co-creator of the Quatrogatos Foundation. Graduated in Sociology at the University of Havana, with postgraduate studies at the Latin American Demography Center, based in Costa Rica. He was advisor of the National Reading Program "A book, a friend", of the Ministry of Culture of Costa Rica; Lecturer at the Modular Central American Workshop on Reading Promotion organized by the UNESCO Office for Central America and Panama; Project officer of the Regional Center for Book Development in Latin America and the Caribbean (CERLAC) and editor of the children's magazine of the Batuta Foundation in Bogota. He has published books for children and young people like La noche más nocheDragones en el cieloArcoí­ris de poesí­aHace muchí­simo tiempoUn zoológico en casaLibro secreto de los duendes, and La caja de las coplas. Also research La aventura de la palabra. In co-authoring with Antonio Orlando Rodrí­guez has made known Escuela y poesí­a. ¿Y qué hago con el poema?, and the collection of popular tales La vuelta al mundo en cinco cuentos.

    Antonio Orlando Rodrí­guez

    Antonio Orlando Rodrí­guez


    He has published books for the adult public, works such as Salchichas vienesas y otras ficcionesEl León y la DomadoraAprendices de brujo, and Panorama histórico de la la literatura infantil en América Latina y el Caribe. His extensive bibliography for children includes titles such as Mi bicicleta es un hada y otros secretos por el estiloEl viejito del sillónConoce a José Martí­Los helados invisibles y otras rarezasLa Escuela de los íngelesEl rock de la momia y otros versos diversosCuentos de cuando La Habana era chiquita, and Abuelita Milagro.

    Daí­na Chaviano

    Daí­na Chaviano


    Writer and translator. Degree in Literature and English Language at the University of Havana. Winner, among others, of the Anna Seghers Prize (Academy of Arts of Berlin, Germany, 1990); Azorí­n Prize for Novel (Spain, 1998); International Goliardos Fantasy Award (Mexico, 2003); Gold Medal for the Best Book in Spanish Language (Florida Book Awards 2006, USA); And the Malinalli Prize for the Promotion of the Arts, Human Rights and Cultural Diversity (Mexico, 2014). Her bibliography includes books such as Extraños testimonios, La isla de los amores infinitos, Fábulas de una abuela extraterrestre, El hombre, el hambre y la hembra, Casa de juegos, Confesiones eróticas y otros hechizos, Paí­s de dragones, and Los mundos que amo

    Mariori de Marcos

    Mariori de Marcos

    Board President

    Doctor in Medicine. President of Jordan-Marcos, The Agency. She is also Vice-President of Fonosound, and its division Fonojazz, record labels distributed by Universal Music. 

    Eddy Dí­az Souza

    Eddy Dí­az Souza


    Writer and theater director. Graduate of Librarianship at the Central University of Venezuela, and Master of Science in Teacher Education at the Nova Southeastern University. Founder and director of Artefactus Cultural Project. He has published children's books such as El prí­ncipe y el mar, Cuentos de brujas, and Bernardino Soñador y la cafetera mágica.

    Iliana Prieto

    Iliana Prieto


    Author and psychologist. Graduated in Psychology at the University of Havana, with a master's degree at the Albizu Campos University. He has published books for children as Querido Diario, La princesa del retrato y el dragón rey, La magia del amor, Mi nueva familia, Juicio a tres brujas, and El fantasma de la ópera rock.

    Marí­a Cueto

    Marí­a Cueto

    Officer / Educational consultant

    Educator. Graduated from the University of Havana in English Language and Literature with a specialty in Linguistics. She has a master's degree in English language and literature. For 20 years she taught at the School of Foreign Languages of the University of Havana and was co-author of two manuals on the methodology of teaching the English language. Upon relocating to the city of Miami, she served as a teacher at Florida National University, Miami Dade College and two high schools at the Miami Dade County Public Educational District: Felix Varela High School and Ronald Reagan High School, where she was Head of the ESL department. She later went to work in the Department of Bilingual Education and Foreign Languages at the district level. In 2010, the State of Florida awarded her the Excellence in Education award. She is a member of the Board of Directors of Florida National University.

  • Projects


    Our organization develops different cultural and educational projects to generate spaces for the children, young adults and adults to meet and exchange ideas on literature and other manifestations of the arts.

    Digital information platform on books for children and young people and reading promotion 

    Nombre Apellido

    Created in the year 2000, initially Cuatrogatos was a website with magazine format. It is currently conceived as a free information bank for all those interested in literature for children and young people and promoting reading in Spanish, and is one of the most visited sites of its specialty in the Internet in Spanish. It has the collaboration and support of prestigious Iberoamerican authors, illustrators and researchers, and its pages also accommodate texts by university students who write about books for children. 

    Our cultural and educational web 2.0 platform includes, in addition to the main website, the MiauBlog; Pages on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest, and a YouTube channel. Through these networks, Fundación Cuatrogatos provides information to the Hispanic community to encourage children and young people to meet with quality books that provide them with entertainment, enrich their aesthetic look and contribute to their training as human beings.

    Collaboration with Miami-Dade Schools

    Nombre Apellido

    Visiting public schools in Miami to promote the encounter of children and adolescents with writers and literary specialists is one of the main purposes of the Foundation Cuatrogatos. Through these meetings, readings of stories and poems, and creative writing workshops, we seek to foster a taste for reading in Spanish among the new generations. These activities are becoming more and more important, given Miami-Dade County's focus on bilingual education and the teaching of Spanish. Most of these visits are conducted in coordination with the Miami-Dade County Public School System's Bilingual Education Department.

    The Cuatrogatos Foundation also collaborates with the Miami-Dade Public Schools in its professional development programs for teachers in the areas of reading, writing and literature in Spanish and in the organization of the literary contest ¡I like the Spanish !, that every school year Prize the best stories and poems written in Spanish by children and young people of public schools.

    Fiesta de la Lectura / The Reading Festival

    Nombre Apellido

    This great event is held annually every October in Miami, with the aim of promoting literature and reading in Spanish. Since its first edition, held in 2013, The Reading Festival has not stopped growing and is currently - according to the newspaper El Nuevo Herald - "one of the most important events dedicated to highlighting the Spanish language in the Hispanic Heritage Month in South Florida".

    Its varied program is aimed primarily at children and young adults, but not forgetting adult audiences, ranging from visits by writers and literary workshops in public schools in Miami, to recitals of poetry, book presentations, theater, music and exhibitions. There are also seminars, aimed at parents and teachers, with the purpose of encouraging reading in the new generations. Reading Festival is held not only for members of the Hispanic community of Miami, but also for all those children, youth and adults who study and speak Spanish as a second language.

    As part of the event, the literary cards of the Tris-Tras collection are distributed free of charge, with illustrations and texts by outstanding Ibero-American creators of children's books.

    To develop this annual day, the Cuatrogatos Foundation has had the support of important cultural and educational institutions and companies in Miami.

    Cuatrogatos Foundation Award

    Nombre Apellido

    The Fundación Cuatrogatos Award was established in 2014 to contribute to the dissemination and reading of high quality books created by Ibero-American writers and illustrators. Each year, after reading, analyzing and discussing a wide and representative sample of children's and young people's fiction books, published in Spanish by small and large publishers of Iberoamerica and the United States, a readers' committee selects the winning titles of the Fundación Cuatrogatos Award. 

    These are 20 books highly recommended for their literary and plastic values that, according to our institution, deserve to have the greatest diffusion. By giving them this recognition, we want to contribute to reaching as many homes, schools, libraries and other spaces as possible where the young readers can meet with works of the highest quality. Recognition has become one of the most important awards in this field. 

    To disseminate the winning and finalist works of the Fundación Cuatrogatos Prize, a digital brochure is published every year, which also includes a list of 90 books recommended for their quality.

    Seminar on Children's Literature

    Nombre Apellido

    Since 2014, the Seminar on Children's Literature and Reading, co-produced by the Fundación Cuatrogatos and Miami Book Fair, has been held in the framework of the Book Fair in Miami. This free event is aimed at parents, teachers, librarians and other adults interested in books for children and young people and the promotion of reading.

    The main themes of the seminar have been To read in Spanish! (2014), Books: spaces of freedom (2015) and A world of readers: readers for the world (2016). The program has had the participation of creators and scholars of children's literature as Ana Marí­a Shua. Perla Suez and Luis Marí­a Pescetti (Argentina); Veronica Murguí­a, Marí­a Baranda and Ramón Iván Suárez Caamal (Mexico); Gustavo Martí­n Garzo, Mariasun Landa, Alejandro Palomas, Juan Kruz Igerabide, Pedro C. Cerrillo, Paloma Jover and Miren Agur Meabe (Spain); Afonso Cruz (Portugal), Fanuel Dí­az (Venezuela); David Unger (Guatemala); Jorge Galán (El Salvador) and Eddy Dí­az Douza, Daisy Valls, Chely Lima and Cristina Rebull (Cuba-United States).

    Bookcrossing I'm a Traveling Book

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    Each summer, the Cuatrogatos Foundation "leaves" hundreds of books in Spanish in different public spaces of the city of Miami, so that they are "adopted" and read by members of the community.

    The books of different genres and themes that are used in this bookcrossing program are new and carry a label. It invites people to find them to read them and then put them in the hands of other readers to continue "traveling." The books, intended for readers of different ages, are left in commercial centers, hospitals, parks, theaters, restaurants, beaches and other spaces of the city.

    In order to develop this project to promote reading, which led to the meeting of the Spanish-speaking community with works from different genres, countries and times, our foundation has been supported by companies such as Lectorum Publications, Spanish Publishers, Penguin Random House, Santillana USA And Eriginal Books.

    Research on the production of books in Spanish for children and young people in Spanish

    Nombre Apellido

    As a result of the ongoing study and evaluation of books for children and young people published in Spanish by publishers in Latin America, Spain and the United States, the Cuatrogatos Foundation produces reviews of recommended children's and youth books and disseminates them through its digital platform information. It also prepares reading guides and lists of significant works, to stimulate the reading of books of the highest quality, and advises institutions for the purchase of quality Spanish books. Another important product of this work is the award each year of the Fundación Cuatrogatos Award to 20 outstanding books of Ibero-American creators directed to children and young people.

    As a result of its investigative work, the Foundation Cuatrogatos has published the books:

    • The adventure of the word, by Sergio Andricaí­n. Miami: Fundación Cuatrogatos, Fundación SM, 2013.
    • Roots and dreams. 50 books for children and young people of Latin authors in the United States. Coordinators: Sergio Andricaí­n, Pedro C. Cerrillo and Antonio Orlando Rodrí­guez. Cuenca, Spain: CEPLI, Foundation Cuatrogatos, Editions of the University of Castilla-La Mancha, 2014.
    • Two shores and one ocean: 25 Ibero-American poetry authors for children and young people. Coordinators: Sergio Andricaí­n and Pedro C. Cerrillo. Cuenca, Spain: CEPLI, Foundation Cuatrogatos, Editions of the University of Castilla-La Mancha, 2015.

  • Sponsors


    ¡Thank you very much for your important sponsorship of our activities!

  • Publications


    The brochures and publications produced by the Cuatrogatos Foundation support and disseminate their cultural and educational programs.

    Ventanas, pájaros y versos

    Selección de poesía para niños y jóvenes de quince autores iberoamericanos de Miami. Publicación realizada por la Fundación Cuatrogatos con el apoyo del Departamento de Asuntos Culturales del Condado Miami-Dade.

    Historias de acá y de allá

    Veinticinco autores iberoamericanos de narrativa para niños. Publicación producida en colaboración por la Fundación Cuatrogatos y el Grupo LIEL de la Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, 2017. 

    Palabras e imágenes para asomarnos al mundo

    Twenty-five Ibero-American authors of album books. Publication produced in collaboration by the Cuatrogatos Foundation and the LIEL Group of the University of Castilla-La Mancha, 2020. In Spanish.

    De raí­ces y sueños

    Fifty books for children and young people of Latin authors of the United States. Guide to recommended books, developed in collaboration by the Foundation Cuatrogatos and the CEPLI, 2013. In Spanish.

    Corporate profile

    Mission, vision, lines of work and trajectory of Cuatrogatos Foundation.

    Talks and Workshops

    The Cuatrogatos Foundation offers talks and workshops on literature, reading and arts aimed at children, youth and adults.

  • Gallery


    These images show the gatherings of the members of the Cuatrogatos Foundation with different colleagues and collaborators in professional meetings and events.